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Waste Collection

We provide waste removal and collection service of the following types of waste:

Compactible waste – this refers to any waste that can be reduced in size either by crushing or compacting such as packaging materials, plastic bottles, domestic waste, etc.

• Non compactible waste – this type of waste cannot be reduced in size such as rocks, wood, steel, etc.

• Building rubble – we responsibly remove waste generated at a building or construction site.

• Hazardous waste – our legal compliant status permits us to handle, treat and dispose of hazardous waste. This is done with the environment protection in mind.

• Medical waste – we reliably and responsibly collect, contain, treat as well as dispose of all medical waste for our clients, always ensuring that the environment is not negatively affected.

• Domestic waste – we strive to collect and remove all generic waste timeously and responsibly to ensure cleaner communities.